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This LG 24GM77 is a well outfitted 1080p gaming monitor which provides fast overall performance, precise colours, as well as a host of gamer-friendly configurations and features. It makes use of a 24-inch Twisted-Nematic (TN) panel having a 144Hz refresh rate, a 1-millisecond pixel response, along with a Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) feature which decreases input lag. Its viewing-angle overall performance might be better, plus it does not provide the anti-tearing technology and ariable frame rates of our Editors’ Choice, this BenQ XL2420G $600.58 at Amazon online marketplace, however it is $300 more affordable and more than able to handle your gaming requirements.

Best 24 Inch Monitor For Gaming

24 Inch Monitor:10 best 24 inch monitors of 2017


Extremely fast performance. Precise colours. Favorable set of features. Plenty of settings.


Narrow viewing angles. Not any loudspeakers.

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A 24-inch monitor made for players, this LG 24GM77 is really a strong performer and provides lots of features and customizability features.

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Design and Features

LG 24GM77 24 Inch Monitor For GamingThis 24GM77 is not extremely fancy, nevertheless its black cabinet having red accents lets you know that it’s not a regular monitor. The 1,920-by-1,080 panel offers an anti-glare coating a non-reflective,and is frameworked by thin (0.6-inch) bezels. The 8.5-pound cabinet is recognized by an oblong stand with a telescopic arm that provides you four ins of height flexibility. The hinge assembly offers twenty five degrees of tilt and a 90-degree pivot range. The cabinet offers 4 VESA holes for wall mounting. Lacking speakers on this model, which is in no way a deal-breaker, because most monitor speakers are inferior to desktop computer speakers, however it might be a factor if your desktop computer space is limited.

Overall performance

In terms of gaming performance, this 24GM77 hits the ball out of the park. Due to its 144Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response , this 14hz gaming monitor provided extremely smooth action without any ghosting or other motion artifacts participating in Crysis 3 on your computer. Similarly, motion handling while performing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360 was neat and fluid. Input lag (the time it requires for the monitor to behave to a controller command, as tested by the Leo Bodnar Video Signal Lag Trialist) was twenty-seven milliseconds with DAS mode disabled, however that dropped to 10.3 milliseconds with DAS allowed. I did not discover any artifacts with DAS enabled, however you cannot make use of DAS and Clear Motion 240 simultaneously. Thankfully, this 144Hz refresh rate does an excellent work of getting rid of motion blur, therefore the sacrifice is worth it.

As displayed on the chromaticity chart below, this 24GM77 provides extremely precise colours right out of the box. Red-colored, blue and green, color dimensions, symbolized by the colored dots, are typical completely aligned with their ideal CIE coordinates, which can be symbolized by the boxes. The TN panel does not make the deep, rich colours that you get with a decent IPS panel, however colours show up vibrant and evenly saturated nonetheless.

Bottom line

This LG 24GM77 is a reliable option for players looking for a 24-inch monitor that offers sleek gaming action and low input lag. It provides pretty precise colours and a strong set of features, but like the majority of TN-based monitors, its viewing-angle overall performance could be much better. Having said that, players will enjoy this monitor’s considerable settings and custom-made gaming settings. Whilst not awfully costly, you are going to pay about $100 more for the 22GM77 than you’ll for a fundamental midsize monitor such as the BenQ GL2460HM$126.28 at The amazon online marketplace, however it is still cheaper than the BenQ XL2420G$600.58 at Amazon online marketplace. Nevertheless, this BenQ XL2420G delivers variable refresh rates as well as ultra-smooth game play, courtesy of Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, and it’s also packed with features, and that’s why it continues to be our top pick for midsize gaming monitors.

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